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Working With us

  • • A career with AceEngineer is more than just a routine job.
  • • Your work will be recognized.
  • • You'll have more responsibility.
  • • You'll be given more opportunities.
  • • You'll be able to do a lot of different things.
  • • You'll learn from true innovators.
  • • You'll work in an awesome atmosphere.
  • • You'll learn to be frugal.
  • • You'll be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability.

HR Best Practices


Employee engagement survey:

Being People Focused Organization, the most important priority is to motivate and engage people in our organization. Employee engagement surveys are conducted every year the inputs thereof for improvement will become stepping stones towards making AceEngineer "a Great Place to Work".

Open House:

In order to encourage employees to share their views and suggestions at a bigger forum, an Open House meeting is conducted every year. All the inputs are captured and addressed.

Suggestion Scheme:
All employees are encouraged to give their suggestion. Across functional panel evaluates all the suggestions received and the best suggestions are implemented and employees are rewarded.


Mentoring and Coaching:

Mentoring features as one of the best-practices of globally competitive companies. Mentoring has been advocated as the most important method of shaping behavior and improving performance. Mentor provides professional support to the mentee thus enhancing his/her performance in alignment with the organization’s goal. Career development of the mentee, mentoring also helps in higher levels of motivation, improved retention levels and better succession planning.

Buddy Concept:

Buddy concept is a worldwide-accepted practice wherein every new joinee is assigned a buddy (peer) for quick orientation. A buddy shall help the new joinees to settle down in the early days of his/her job, ensure that the new joinees gets assistance in finding a new accommodation/workspace and queries on organization culture, existing policies, employee welfare schemes etc.

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